Physical Evolution

Physical Evolution


Physical Evolution offers hydrotherapy as a successful treatment medium for individuals who otherwise have poor tolerance of land-based exercise. The goal is to have these therapeutic successes in water carryover to land-based intervention; using hydrotherapy programs to progress to land based exercise and rehabilitation programs.

Hydrotherapy is a widely accepted form of rehabilitation for pre and post-surgery, acute/chronic pain and neuromuscular conditions. Hydrotherapy is useful in neurological rehabilitation as it creates a ‘weightless’ environment to perform a range of movements. Due to the buoyant nature of water, hydrotherapy allows many individuals to exercise who may not be able to on land. The increased buoyancy and decreased gravitational force means that there is less stress on large joints. Many movements that are restricted on land, become possible in the water.

The benefits of hydrotherapy include:

Hydrotherapy pools are heated to 34 degrees. The elevated temperature along with the hydrostatic pressure of water is great for improving circulation and decreasing swelling. The comfortable water temperature contributes to the therapeutic benefits thereby promoting muscle relaxation and potential pain relief benefits.

For children services/therapy, please see our team at Centre of Movement.