Physical Evolution

Physical Evolution


“Live each day; your condition does not own you. Make every new day better; always remember, you are still in charge.” (Frank C. Church)

What is it? 

There are a large number and variety of genetic disorders/syndrome diagnosed in children and adults. Some genetic disorders range from addition or loss of an entire chromosome in each cell to loss of part of a chromosome to microdeletion of a number of contiguous genes within a chromosome. These deletions can cause mild or severe developmental disabilities. Genetic disorders which stem from an abnormality in a single gene may include: Cystic Fibrosis, Prader- Willi syndrome, phenylketonuria, Taylor Sachs disease, Fragile X syndrome, Williams syndrome just to name a few.

Exercise and Genetic Conditions

Related health problems often occur in Genetic conditions which may include cardiovascular abnormalities, obesity, high incidence of respiratory infections , thyroid deficiencies, visual impairments, sensory processing disorder or gastrointestinal problems. Genetic conditions also affects motor function, exercise and physiotherapy may help improve the strength, coordination, balance, and posture of patients. At Physical Evolution our Exercise Physiologist can establish a tailored exercise program that can help develop, maintain, and restore maximum movement and functional ability. Exercise Physiologists can supervise patients while they exercise. They can also train caregivers on how to oversee patients performing home exercises programs.